Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve Eve

Well its one day before New years Eve. I was thinking about all the craziness I have done on new years eve over the years.

From underage drinking to partying up with my sweetheart for the last 7 years there are so many things to remember. This has been a crazy decade and never would have thought I would do a decade in review but I am. At least in my head. Not sure I can share all my craziness, you may not want to follow me anymore..LOL..

I am sure we have all done some craziness but I am hoping with the new year just around the corner that I might get a few wishes this year. There are things I have wanted in life that I hope happen this year. With good things happening this year like completing school and getting a great job, I think some of those things will finally happen in 2010 and if those fabulous things happen don't worry I will share them all with you.

happy New Years Eve Eve and keep on Hook'n :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to work

Wow Christmas is over and while I did not get everything I wanted this holiday season I still had a great time.

My nephew went crazy with his gifts he loved them so much. My nieces loved her Baby alive and wanted to make it pee . Their mom and my bested friend ever gave me a beautiful bottle of perfume and the sweetest card ever ...LOVE YA...

Patrick, my partner, gave me a locket and movies. Movies for our Movie Sundays. He even bought movies he knew only I would Like but promised to watch some of the them with me.

Well now that this busy season is over what to do now?

With the weather getting colder, I have been on a mitten fix. I made some really cute mittens and can't wait to list them on Etsy. Even though its freezing out doors, I was thinking about spring items. With spring craft shows starting in a few months I need to figure out what to do. I think though for now I will stick with my winter projects as I feel like doing them right now. If anything I will have lots of stock for next winter.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Sometimes life takes over. Something I say everyday when I can't get enough time to call or visit my family. I love them all very much and I sometimes takes me a bit to remember to call and say hi but I hope they all know I am thinking of them everyday.

Families are always there even though we may not always like the choices our loved ones make. We must remember to be there for them, even if it may be at a distance. Sometimes that's all we can do.

Our own sanity is important and some times there really is nothing for us to do but to say "I love you and I will listen but you need to make the choice. "

my grandmother Darch , never liked to see us cry. She would always tell us there is someone far worse out there. I miss her and I loved talking to her,even if conversation went around and around. With the holiday season just a few days away, its time to forgive the past year mistakes even if it is just for 5 mins to call and say hello.

You never know. I love my family and I wish everyone a happy and safe holidays with their family :)

My Grandma and Grandpa Darch ... my mobster , Patrick, me mom and sister ... i was looking though pics at work I have none of my brother and father but they know I love them too.
Keep on Hook'n

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New listings!

While some of you may have seen these before they are relatively new on my site!

I am excited with the holidays coming up, I love Christmas. I was thinking I should take a picture of my Christmas tree to show everyone on my blog. It was the first year of using my own decorations. I have always used hand me downs or ones mom wasn't using that year. I was just so excited to pick a theme and go with it... Silver and blue was the theme .
Here are pics of my new items .. don't forget to stop by to see what else there is :)

new crochet winter warmer had .. Deep purple and Grey
and the Perfect bath Set in Cranberry and tan. two facial scrubbies and a soap saver bag
Keep on Hook'n

Monday, December 7, 2009


Its snowing again in Ottawa and its great! I hope to get out and take some pictures of this first snow fall. but in the mean time you need to check out my shop with my winter warmers! I have some new hats to post tonight.

They turned out great I can't wait to share them with you through the blog and my Etsy Store.

Okay I just wanted to share it was snowing. Check ya later!

Winter warmers Link

Keep on Hook'n

Monday, November 30, 2009

What a Small world!

I got my items all packed up, the labels on and ready to hit the post office to mail off to their new homes. I made my way down to the postal office in my work building. I was excited to see there was NO one in line. As it was my coffee break ,I did not want to wait in line to long.

While filing out some custom forms I had some one behind me say, I am from Etsy too!. I was so excited to meet another Etsian like that. I got her shop name and her shop is awesomel. Here is a link so you all can check it . Its a super cute button and magnet store.

I got a convo on friday as well. It was a very nice convo and it turns out one of my teachers from college last year is on Etsy as well.

She makes some amazing hand hooked rugs and pillows. Another must see shop!

Okay so that's it for now but stay tuned new items at TONIGHT!!!!

Keep on Hook'n

Friday, November 13, 2009

Reading Back

I was looking at my blog and My Etsy site trying to figure out where I can improve. Any Etsy seller will tell you that is something we are always thinking about. I decided my blog would be a good place to start listing where I want to make changes. This way I must hold my self accountable as its on world wide web and

Etsy Shop:

I love the one of my sister being the model of the shrugs. I think those are my best photos. I think if I had her model everything I could get the photo just right with out having to redo them a hundred times when I am trying to take pictures of me wearing the item.


Although I do have a twitter, facebook and now I blog, some times I neglect these great features. Everyone on Etsy talks about how they help you out, so I am giving it a try!

Hopefully these things will help me move my shop! I am hoping to get some more sales and meet some targets.

So happy Etsy to all you Etsians out there!

Keep on Hook'n

Thursday, November 12, 2009


There have not been too many days of sun. In fact this summer I barley even remember the sun, just the drizzle of the rain. But with winter comes shorter days which means I get more crafting time at home! So I have been busy trying to make new things. My Latest are some Ballerina slippers. I just love them! They remind me when I used to do point but these are way more Comfier than the real point shoes. PLUS you can take the crochet ribbon off if you just want the shoes.

I also have some other new slippers but you will have to check out to see them!
Keep on Hook'n

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let it SNOW!

It started snowing today. FIRST SNOWFALL of the year. Granted it won't stay but I was excited as a kid in the candy store to see the snow. It made me think though snow means that Christmas is on the way.

With Christmas on the way I was thinking about the dreaded Christmas shopping list. Of course I make as much as I can. Homemade gifts are always great! But there are some people that I just don't know what to make so I have to go to the store. My goal last year to be done by December 12. Of course that did not happen. But This year its a must as I don't know when all the family functions are going to be.

But if you are on your christmas gift hunt, don't forget to stop by for some great gifts for your family!

Keep on hook'n

Monday, October 26, 2009

Working Hard

I love having this blog a place to write freely about what ever comes to mind.

So I was watching House and thinking about my shop and wondering how I can get it going again. This summer was great, I met many new Etsians and I sold lots of things. The winter is coming which is the perfect time for crochet creations and now my sales have died off. I am trying not to get to upset but I am wondering what I can do to help sales. I have tried the gimmicks but I am tired of losing money on some great items! I know I know November is coming and people say the Christmas shopping will be happening soon but why can't it happen now??

Things in life is busy. Working hard at my new job, it's still going good. I hope my contract gets renewed come December 31. It would be nice way to ring in the new year with a job!

Working the day job, though does take time away from Etsy, but there are many people on Etsy that work the day jobs and continue making lots of sales!

I add some new things to my shop yesterday if you haven't seen them heres a sneak peak at one! Check out to see the rest!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Middle of October Already?

Wow this year is zooming by and we are almost done October.

It has been a crazy month so far and want to give my little Sister a big congratulations on the Engagement! She is really excited and I told her about all the great things I found on Etsy for her wedding which she was really excited to look over!

I can't believe its the middle of October, I am getting ready for a busy season! Between Birthdays and Christmas shoppers and my own Christmas shopping it will be a busy next couple of months!

I have been working on whole sale order for a fabulous website Sassy by Nature. Its run here in Ottawa and the items are just wonderful! I have been caplets and Shrugs and of course some slippers!

Well thats a quick update on me!

Keep on Hook'n

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I know I know i neglected my blog! Lots of life changes has been happening over the last few weeks.

I have moved back to Ottawa and have working at a new position and so far it has been working out great. I miss being with my Dad and Susan but I learned so much from them this summer. It was a great experience.

But being home back in Ottawa has put me in Winter MODE! BRRR its cold here. LOL.. So I have been working on my Winter Warmers section in my Etsy shop! Here are a few examples of the great things I have been adding.

Like this hat I made! My Mint Hat.
Or how about this fabulous red scarf (which if it doesn't sell soon I might take off the market!)

So check out other winter warmers at
More stuff to come soon!
Keep on Hook'n

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keep you fingers Crossed

Tomorrow I fly home for the weekend. With one thing to do tomorrow my weekend is pretty open! I don't want to talk about tomorrow to too many people. I am asking for you just to keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me luck.
I can't wait to see all the people I miss in Ottawa. The other great thing is I get to have my crochet night!

The only down side is I am flying home this time so I can take things that I am done and leave them there. I have a feeling we are going to have the car pack when I finally do get to go home for good. I have been crocheting up a storm and have lots of new things to list. Geeze, I have no excuse not to list other than not taking photos. I hope that I can get some done this weekend. This way I will have lots of new things to list over the next coming weeks.

Keep on Hook'n

Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Fun!

What a great weekend. I was in Kitchener all by myself and had to come up with something to do over the weekend so I would not go stir crazy.

I hopped in the car, ensured there was enough gas in case I got lost and could not find a station, turned on the GPS and was off to find St. Jacob's Market. I spoke about that in a previous post so I won't bore you with my adventure there again. It was fun though just looking and getting out and trying to get back to the car before it started to rain again. I ended up getting lost on my drive home but I did stumble upon a Chapters. I love looking at Chapters and could all day there.

But Sunday I spent the day trying to make a new style of slippers and they turned out great! Thanks to a movie marathon and a great deal of rain, I did not give up until I had it! I will be posting pictures soon to later , so please take a look a little later!

So that's my weekend, how was your?

Keep on Hook'n

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo Adventure!

Good Morning Everyone! I just want to thank everyone who has followed me so far!

I went on an adventure around town last night. Boy was it exciting! I don't think I have ever been so lost in my life! I was looking for this yarn store that my parents brought me to. It was the best yarn store I have been to in a while.

I was in Yarn heaven. Carefully I selected the yarn I wanted when I was there but it was time for me to head back and pick up some more yarn. My parents are out of town at some Fire Chief conferences, So I am all alone in the city and have had to muddle my way around finding things! I needed new colours and types of yarn and my best friend, (check her shop out) was in need of some too! She knows I am always up for an excuse to the yarn store.

I map quested the directions and put them in to my GPS and got there with out a hitch! But getting home was a whole other story! I figure plug HOME into the GPS would get me there and I was right but I did not want to sit in traffic So I started driving and figured the GPS would change routes! BOY was I wrong. Problem with with this area is that it is under constant constructions. Between all the stimulus road construction and all the new developments I was driving on roads that did not exist in my GPS! But I found a street I recognized and drove until I kinda knew where I was.

Needless to say I got home okay with lots of yarn, 2Much in fact. (Okay I had too) So I have some great projects to get to this weekend.

Keep on Hook'n

Thursday, August 27, 2009

ETSY Shop!

I have been strolling through Etsy, window shopping lately, just looking for cute and different shops! I stumbled long and found this shop, . I fell in love right away, I need to tell you all about it!
There are a few cards in here I am going to pick up and give out over the next few months and maybe even as holiday jokes! The cards would make people smile by just reading the cover! Plus there are many other things in this shop that would follow a family joke, so I know stocking stuffers will be found here.
With great wit and fabulous colours this Etisan definitely has done a great job creating a fun gift. Plus this shop has great photos to showcase the great products. If you have a chance check this shop out!
The shop is Which is also where I got the Smarty Pegs photo.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reading Blogs!

I have been trying to get rid of blogger block so I have been so many great blogs that I found through Etsy. Unfortunatly, it still has not help my blogger block. So I decided if maybe I wrote about my bloggers block that I would come up with some fantasic idea to WOW everyone. The WOW idea has yet to come. OH WELL so in closing check out ETSY but please stop by my store!

Keep on Hook'n

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Creations

Hey Guys! Well, living away from away has at least allowed me to create. Its about the only thing that keeps me sane some days! Wait it kept me sane even before I decided to move away to work. I have a ton of cotton here, so I trying to find different projects to get rid of it!

All I want to make are scarfs and hats as the upcoming cold season is coming. Trying to get ready for winter production is hard to do in this heat. But I crank the AC and get at it. I hope this winter will be my break through. I see some shops on Etsy and wish I could generate the sales they do. I keep at it though, I hope one day I can be a selling machine. Well here are some new items at . Hopefully you will find something for you or someone you love!

Keep on Hook'n

Friday, August 21, 2009

What a deal!

So I finally got my twitter account back YAHOO!

But I also wanted to let everyone know its a sale weekend! FREE SHIPPING! From Aug 21-23 2009

Just put weekend deals in the notes to sellers and you'll have your shipping charges refunded through Paypal.


So check out and get free shipping today!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long train Ride!

So I am back In Kitchener, Yes I went to Ottawa for the most hot and humid weekend yet this summer. YUCK! But at least I got to crochet on the train, even though I am not really suppose too! But how can one not do the craft/hobby that they love to do! So I have been crocheting slowly but surely to get all the orders done that have come in. I can't wait to ship them all off ! I will be adding items I hope every day! I have been working on winter warmers lately. As that time of year is coming.

But the one great thing today is that BBBB will be happening today instead of yesterday, which I would have missed! So hopefully tonight I will make some more sales which would be awesome! Hope everyone has a great day!

Keep on Hooking!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I have been cruising Etsy and there are a ton of great sites. It's great when it is slower at work I have found all kind of great shops that I am hearting and hoping to buy from in the near future. It also helps when I am little home sick I can see whats out there and pick up some great gift ideas and send them directly to the person I am thinking of! The joys of shipping!

I am in search of manly t-shirts on Etsy. They can have funny sayings, but not to much stuff on them. Have a great link ? leave me a comment and I will check it out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I think I am going to buy some fabulous things from SBD tonight! You might be wondering what SBD is formally known as BBBB (Booty Babe Blowout Bonanza). SBD= Secret Booty Drama. With some new rules, this week its bound to be a blast of fun! So make sure you have a snack been to the bathroom, pull up that chair and get ready for a barrel of FUN!!

The Booty BNR is a great place to meet a great group of sellers. We are going to have some great deals on all our stuff tonight from 8-9pm EST. I am keeping my deal a secret until 8pm tonight. You will have to check the thread out to find out what the deal of the week will be!

There are a bunch of great Etsy stores to chose from. There is something for everyone there. So start some Christmas shopping early or buy something just for your , because we all need treats some times!

See you all at the Booty Thread tonight!

Keep on Hook'n

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sitting at the office!

So we did the shopping today! and No, that perfect table was not found yet. So while I wait for my parents to finish up quotes and specs for fire trucks , I decided to surf around the forums in Etsy and see what great items I could find. I did not search anything , just looked at avatars and the ones that peaked my interest I clicked on! Except for one.

This monster is from She is fabulous. Not only because she is my best friend and taught me how to crochet but she stuff is just fantastic. If you haven't seen her shop you most defiantly want to mark it for the up coming Christmas events. Her stuff is great for kids off all ages!

Photo from

I found this shop and I loved this shirt. It made me think of my Hubby, Mr. Patrick! Who is currently obsessed with the Office! There are some other fabulous shirts and when I can make up my mind on what I am going to get some. They were just so awesome! I found this shirt at

Photo from

I found Concord through a Buy 'N replace that I am in and I just love her soap! So soapy and fabulous smelling! Fast shipping and she is great working with! Check out her shop. My favorite is the vanilla sugar but a good one for the man of the house is the Pine one.

Photo from

What A saturday!

So yesterday was a great and amazing little adventure in Kitchener. Susan and I woke up and headed out for a day of shopping! First we hit St. Jacobs Market (Here's the link to check it out)

We got some great food, meat, fruits and veggies for great prices. They have all kinds of things there. You name you can find it. There are great homemade butters, I love the maple butter. If you are in the Kitchener/Waterloo area I would suggest that you make a visit to St. Jacobs.
Its great for the bargin hunter. I got two leather belts for 10$. They are beautiful belts and you could never buy a belt in a store for that!

We hit a few clothes store up. I am slowing shrinking away so it was time for some new tops. But I think the most fun of the day was driving to a little town called Millbank, Ontario. What a beautiful little town. Susan was on a hunt to find a new table , counter height. We found this store and it had some gorgeous pieces. Not just tables but beds and hutches and anything else you can dream up in wood. They were very nice in the store and took time to help my parents find what they want.

It was a riot, the only down fall there was no creating time ..LOL... I love to craft but these adventures are worth it. Memories right? There will always be time to crochet. We are back on the table finding mission again. I will keep y'all posted!

Keep on Hook'n!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sleeping In

While I have never been one to really sleep in,( I am happy if I get to 730) I was really kind of looking forward to it today but no. The internal alarm went DING DING DING at 615. I am never sure what to do on a Saturday morning at 630. I used to read but I am currently out of books, then I would try a movie but atlas all the movies are in Ottawa. So, I am really at a cross road.

On the cup 1/2 full of things though, at least I can work on my blog, crochet a bit, find some cute patterns and spend some quality time with Orlando, my dads Bird. He defiantly does not like me up this early and this bird has an attitude, that is for sure. He is chirping loudly right now and I sure he will wake up the rest of the house.

The other things about gettting up early is that I have lots of time to get ready and drinks of tea. Well i guess that is it for now.

Keep on Hookn

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well I am at home. I am going to work more on my blog today but I will also be hook'n up a storm. I wonder what I will make today. I am on a cotton fix and I am loving making cotton projects. Whether it be coasters, keycahin cozies, or even dish cloths. I made my self some vanity saving bowls for my make-up, and maybe they will be a good idea on Etsy! I will have to figure something out. So many things to make, so little time!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a great night!

So it was BBBB Night and what a great success. There were 24 sales tonight and a great time was had by all. I sold one of my Key Chains to Concord. She is a fabulous Etsian check out her shop ! Even my hubby loves her soaps!

Well more to write tomorrow bed time for now!

BBBB Night!

So my favorite girls on Etsy are having a Booty Babe Blowout Bonanza tonight! and I think every Tuesday night from 8-930 EST. There are great deals and you get to join the BNR on Etsy! So please come check us out. You will meet some great Etsians!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I have been crocheting for a while here are a few things that are listed on my shop . I thought I would share a few things! Check out the site for more options and I love customs so if there is anything you like just convo me on Etsy!

I Love this key chain holder. In fact I have two on my own key chain! They are perfect for cell phones or in a run out to the ice cream store at 10pm, it will hold your Licence and cash! What more can you ask for!

I made this coasters for my Aunt Linda. But loved them so much that I thought I would post them on Etsy! They are perfect for a back yard party or even for your living room!

Drive Home

Well, I am back in Kitchener. Missing everyone in Ottawa but trying to stya postive for the week. I brought a whole bunch of things to take picture of this week! I can't wait to add all kinds of great things to my website.

The drive was nice and short. Nothing like fridays trip which was way to long! Hope all you Canadians enjoyed your long weekend.

I will check in and post some pics of new things this week!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Day

Well, I finally did it I started my blog. This will be a fun place to share my crochet experience and may even write something about me! I am excited for all you to read my blog and I hope you find some great hooked up creations!

I will be posting some great photos soon. Well, when I get to taking some of all my stuff. I think that's the one things I hate doing because its the most time consuming but with any on line store you need to have photos. Plus i do love sharing what I create!