Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Middle of October Already?

Wow this year is zooming by and we are almost done October.

It has been a crazy month so far and want to give my little Sister a big congratulations on the Engagement! She is really excited and I told her about all the great things I found on Etsy for her wedding which she was really excited to look over!

I can't believe its the middle of October, I am getting ready for a busy season! Between Birthdays and Christmas shoppers and my own Christmas shopping it will be a busy next couple of months!

I have been working on whole sale order for a fabulous website Sassy by Nature. Its run here in Ottawa and the items are just wonderful! I have been caplets and Shrugs and of course some slippers!

Well thats a quick update on me!

Keep on Hook'n


  1. I agree - how can it be October already?!?

    Congrats to your sister and you on the wholesale order

  2. Congratulations to your sister!