Monday, November 30, 2009

What a Small world!

I got my items all packed up, the labels on and ready to hit the post office to mail off to their new homes. I made my way down to the postal office in my work building. I was excited to see there was NO one in line. As it was my coffee break ,I did not want to wait in line to long.

While filing out some custom forms I had some one behind me say, I am from Etsy too!. I was so excited to meet another Etsian like that. I got her shop name and her shop is awesomel. Here is a link so you all can check it . Its a super cute button and magnet store.

I got a convo on friday as well. It was a very nice convo and it turns out one of my teachers from college last year is on Etsy as well.

She makes some amazing hand hooked rugs and pillows. Another must see shop!

Okay so that's it for now but stay tuned new items at TONIGHT!!!!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Reading Back

I was looking at my blog and My Etsy site trying to figure out where I can improve. Any Etsy seller will tell you that is something we are always thinking about. I decided my blog would be a good place to start listing where I want to make changes. This way I must hold my self accountable as its on world wide web and

Etsy Shop:

I love the one of my sister being the model of the shrugs. I think those are my best photos. I think if I had her model everything I could get the photo just right with out having to redo them a hundred times when I am trying to take pictures of me wearing the item.


Although I do have a twitter, facebook and now I blog, some times I neglect these great features. Everyone on Etsy talks about how they help you out, so I am giving it a try!

Hopefully these things will help me move my shop! I am hoping to get some more sales and meet some targets.

So happy Etsy to all you Etsians out there!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009


There have not been too many days of sun. In fact this summer I barley even remember the sun, just the drizzle of the rain. But with winter comes shorter days which means I get more crafting time at home! So I have been busy trying to make new things. My Latest are some Ballerina slippers. I just love them! They remind me when I used to do point but these are way more Comfier than the real point shoes. PLUS you can take the crochet ribbon off if you just want the shoes.

I also have some other new slippers but you will have to check out to see them!
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let it SNOW!

It started snowing today. FIRST SNOWFALL of the year. Granted it won't stay but I was excited as a kid in the candy store to see the snow. It made me think though snow means that Christmas is on the way.

With Christmas on the way I was thinking about the dreaded Christmas shopping list. Of course I make as much as I can. Homemade gifts are always great! But there are some people that I just don't know what to make so I have to go to the store. My goal last year to be done by December 12. Of course that did not happen. But This year its a must as I don't know when all the family functions are going to be.

But if you are on your christmas gift hunt, don't forget to stop by for some great gifts for your family!

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