Friday, November 13, 2009

Reading Back

I was looking at my blog and My Etsy site trying to figure out where I can improve. Any Etsy seller will tell you that is something we are always thinking about. I decided my blog would be a good place to start listing where I want to make changes. This way I must hold my self accountable as its on world wide web and

Etsy Shop:

I love the one of my sister being the model of the shrugs. I think those are my best photos. I think if I had her model everything I could get the photo just right with out having to redo them a hundred times when I am trying to take pictures of me wearing the item.


Although I do have a twitter, facebook and now I blog, some times I neglect these great features. Everyone on Etsy talks about how they help you out, so I am giving it a try!

Hopefully these things will help me move my shop! I am hoping to get some more sales and meet some targets.

So happy Etsy to all you Etsians out there!

Keep on Hook'n

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  1. Hi, I met you on the etsy forum and just became your follower. 2 Much Yarn should be the name of our Moms shop... as she's still having round about 2 tons cotton yarn in her storage...
    I laughed a lot. And I really want to know the story behind...