Thursday, November 12, 2009


There have not been too many days of sun. In fact this summer I barley even remember the sun, just the drizzle of the rain. But with winter comes shorter days which means I get more crafting time at home! So I have been busy trying to make new things. My Latest are some Ballerina slippers. I just love them! They remind me when I used to do point but these are way more Comfier than the real point shoes. PLUS you can take the crochet ribbon off if you just want the shoes.

I also have some other new slippers but you will have to check out to see them!
Keep on Hook'n


  1. Super CUTE!!! I'm off to "heart" your etsy shop. :) You make crocheting look easy, but I'm sure it's not :) I guess anything with a needle is hard for me - I can barely sew on a button :)

  2. LOVE those slippers!! i'm off to check out your shop and facebook page as well. great work!