Wednesday, November 17, 2010

YIKES! My bad

I just realized my life has taken over and I just haven't written anything in ummm more than 6months!
I guess first things let me catch you up a bit on me! I have moved into a town house, and loving my new place. I got engaged over the summer and planing my wedding. Thank god for Etsy and my BFF!!!! My sisters wedding is in less than two weeks and I am going slightly crazy!

That is my life in a nut shell.

2 Much Yarn has had some great selling days, thanks to being on the front page. I wanted to say Thank you for all the orders. It still blows my mind sometimes that other people think my work is great. I appreciate your orders.
My slippers are a hot commodity again this year. Have you seen a pair you love yet? They make a great stocking stuffer !
Also stay warm this winter with a stylish hat and scarf set from 2 Much Yarn. I can customize anything just let me know!

But there are other great shops on Etsy. Here is one I have purchased from recently.

I am loving Sweet and Sassy 's Shop on Etsy! I have been buying a few cards from her lately and they are just lovely! As, my family can tell you I am not a card person. Mostly because I hate to throw them out and if I feel that way other people must, so I just throw a "from" tag on the gift.
Sweets card are beautiful though, how could I resist sending out just a few cards! She has cards for all kinds of occasions and I do mean every occasion. Congratulations on your colonoscopy card made me giggle just a bit!
I love the Wedding cards and Thank You cards I have purchased from her. They always arrive quick and if I have any questions along the way, she answers them quickly. I most defiantly will be back to her shop in future.

The creativity and the work that goes into these cards is amazing. Most people don't believe me when I say they are hand made. Here is an example of her work! Don't forget to visit her shop!
Well thanks for stooping by again, and keep on Hook'n

Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh Monday's

So today is Monday . Why are Mondays so dreaded? Well let me tell you.

Everything you think can go bad always does, especially on Mondays and Fridays! Why you might ask well again here is my theory!
Mondays everything goes wrong because we want our weekends back. We like relaxing and doing out own thing with out having to be up at certain times, we can take naps, which will make everyone a little more productive in my mind...well okay maybe just me! We are able to fit exercise in with the work that needs to be done.

Mondays are back to getting up working rushing in the evening to get everything done, well for me at least that laundry, run, dinner, lunches for the next day, and maybe 30 mins of tv time.

Fridays everything goes wrong because we are soooooo looking forwards to the weekend. Maybe we made some great plans and are super excited about that! Who knows but I love Fridays until things start going wrong and keep me at work late.

I always say OH MONDAYS!!! but one key thing is I check out Etsy see some great friends and decide that the weekend will come soon enough!

So what to see what I have been checking out? Well these are an assorted items from the two threads I participate in activity Oh Canada and Booty Thread : Both the picture and shop names are clickable!




Maplecreeksoap's shop

LeahJaneDesigns' shop

Well those are some of the great finds for today! Keep shopping to make Mondays and Fridays Better :)

Keep on Hook'n

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New items from the Booty Thread!

Well The great thing about Etsy is that people are always listing new great items.

I always try and list a few things every week on Mondays.

Here are a few new things from me and a few new things from some great booty babes!




Come see their great items! at the Budding Booty thread

Keep On Hook'n

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog Postings

I was looking through my blog postings to see what I have written to give me a bit on inspiration. I love writing but sometimes I just don't think anything I have to say/show is really that interesting. As I read over past blog posts, I started looking at the comments and followers I have. I know I don't have a large following but I do have 88 great followers...who needs more than that anyways!

I love getting comments on my blogs and everyone has been so supportive in the comments they leave. Sometimes when having a bad day, I just come on and read some great comments or head over to my Booty BNR.

Mr.P and I have made some great changes in our relationship and all for the better. More quality time together and we have set a No electronic after 8 pm rule (except for Booty Tuesday). So my blog posting are a little bit longer apart but I think that's okay and I know you trusted followers will read them when I finally do get around to posting something!

So thank you for reading, commenting and following. I really do love to hear what you have to say.

Don't forget to check out some great crochet stuff at

Keep on Hook'n

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mother's Day Booty Madness

I know its early Mothers day isn't until May 9, 2010 but that's only 7 weeks away! If you are buying online you want to make sure you have enough time for the person to make it (if custom) and ship it.
I was trolling through the Booty shops to see what great Mothers day gifts you could pick up to join a great group of gals. Perfect buy something for mom and get the BOOTY BNR!
Here is what I found:
You can get this beautiful spring hat from Creativehook

Because we all need to tell our mom's how beautiful they are all the time! Get this awesome handmade card from ReneesPaperandYarn's shop

Some great Earrings from theearringjunkie's shop

or how about some bath and body products from ConcordSoap's shop

And to keep your mom Warm while taking care of all you, visit my shop for this great shurg.
I hope you all can find the perfect homemade gift for your Mom this Mothers Day
Keep on Hook'n

Friday, March 19, 2010

Booty Madness! Things that say "Thank You"

I lucked out and became shop of the week this week on the Booty Thread. I am offering a great deal, so its the perfect time to join us if you haven't already yet!

This week until Sunday March 21st at midnight EST. I am offering 20% off your order, excluding book covers. Book covers are only $10 this week. That is a $5 dollar savings!

Are you looking for some great Thank You cards for your orders? How about some Itsy Bity Cards by Snowy652. She has some great little cards that are blank so really you can use them for anything!. She loves doing customs, so if you don't see what you want send her a convo and tell her what you are looking for!
I bought these fabulous little Owls and my customers loved them! Best thing is that her shop is located here in Canada! I love finding other Canadian Sellers on Etsy!
It was great buying from Snowy the transaction was smooth and the shipment arrived so quickly! So please when you have a chance Click on the Owls below and explore her shop!

SoapScentsations is a soap making shop on Etsy! I love her Goat milk Soap and the sample pack was perfect to send to my customers as a little extra Thank You when sending out my bath and dishcloth sets. I bought them originally to share with my sister as a possible wedding favor, the snowflakes. Its on her mind, but she hasn't decided yet.

SoapScentsations had quick shipping! I did not have to wait long to get this order from the USA. She is always getting ready for up coming holidays, so if you are looking for Easters gifts but don't want to give chocolate this year , check out her great Easter Soap !~

Well that's its for Booty today .. keep posted for two more shops this weekend!
Keep on Hook'n

Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Booty Madness On Etsy!

So did you stop by yet? Well if not let me show you some more get shops on etsy!

Our Current Shop of the Week is Cherryandviolet . She has created so many great jewlery and accoseories for your home and wardrobe! She is a great Etsy Seller who can always bring some great laughs to our discussions. Come Check out her great shop and our great thread. Here is a favorite piece of mine. This Tuesday during The Booty Bonaza that I may just have to pick up! Until March 16th Cherry is giving the Booty Thread 20% off! What a great Deal!

Another shop on Etsy I love browsing through is or . In Ciliciahomeandhearth you find resuable baggies, pillows and bags and so much more! I love this Pillow set and I think its just adorable!

So Don't forget to stop by the Booty Madness Sale from Tuesday from 730-930 EST. To meet all the great people who are part of our list and Join our BNR for some great fun!

Keep On Hook'n!