Monday, March 22, 2010

Mother's Day Booty Madness

I know its early Mothers day isn't until May 9, 2010 but that's only 7 weeks away! If you are buying online you want to make sure you have enough time for the person to make it (if custom) and ship it.
I was trolling through the Booty shops to see what great Mothers day gifts you could pick up to join a great group of gals. Perfect buy something for mom and get the BOOTY BNR!
Here is what I found:
You can get this beautiful spring hat from Creativehook

Because we all need to tell our mom's how beautiful they are all the time! Get this awesome handmade card from ReneesPaperandYarn's shop

Some great Earrings from theearringjunkie's shop

or how about some bath and body products from ConcordSoap's shop

And to keep your mom Warm while taking care of all you, visit my shop for this great shurg.
I hope you all can find the perfect homemade gift for your Mom this Mothers Day
Keep on Hook'n


  1. Nice picks! Love love love that hat! But not for mom, for me:)

  2. eep! mother's day... these are some great ideas! thanks!

  3. Thanks for including my soap on your blog, 2much! Ooooh...those earrings are gorgeous! And love love love your shrug, that would be a great gift!

  4. Thanks Everyone!

    I know I can't believe moms day is just around the corner! Time to start some Etsy Shopping :) ..PSSTTT just don't tell Mr.P ..LOL

  5. awesome! That hat is really fabulous!