Monday, March 8, 2010

Booty Madness

I have been hanging out in the forums on Etsy lately and I just keep thinking about how great it is. I have met some great people there. I love the Booty BNR I am on (BNR= buy and Replace) Its a great group of women who love to craft and promote each others shops. I have bought a lot of great items from these women.

Sassyaccents was a great store to buy from. She makes these awesome watch bands. The watch bands are beautifully beaded and you can easily switch the band for another one to match what ever you are wearing that day. I bought a beautiful green beaded band that everyone at work compliments. I love the colours on this one!

Another great shop is MonkeyThreads. Her shop is filled with Vinyl decals, really anything that you are looking for! She has decals for your computer, wall and even your car.I bought some great Wall decals to dress up my studying area and to give some inspirations when that writers block came on.

Both Shops have great customer Service and the Shipping was super fast from the USA to Canada. I have been back to both shops for additional purchases after my first ones from them.

So have I intrigued you enough to come shopping at the Booty Thread ? You should, we are a great group of crafters and can't wait to meet you! This is the place to make new friend ships, promote your shop, make some sales. But the best part is having a great laugh with these women. So open your wallets a bit and come join us!

But maybe you want to save a bit of cash and looking for a deal? Well if you shop with us Tuesday from 730-930pm EST. You can get a great deal from many of the shops on the list and than you can join us! So its a win win for everyone!

Hope to see you soon at the booty thread!

Keep on Hook'n !


  1. The wall decal is too cute! And such a pretty yellow in the watch band. Helping each other promote is such great idea. I wish you all much success.

  2. I love this...I've been thinking about joining've inspired me :) And thanks for sharing these shops they are great

  3. Nice post, 2much! The Booty BNR is awesome! Lots of great deals, lots of great people & lots of FUN!

  4. Natasha, I am also on the thread! it is awesome, and I love it :)