Monday, October 26, 2009

Working Hard

I love having this blog a place to write freely about what ever comes to mind.

So I was watching House and thinking about my shop and wondering how I can get it going again. This summer was great, I met many new Etsians and I sold lots of things. The winter is coming which is the perfect time for crochet creations and now my sales have died off. I am trying not to get to upset but I am wondering what I can do to help sales. I have tried the gimmicks but I am tired of losing money on some great items! I know I know November is coming and people say the Christmas shopping will be happening soon but why can't it happen now??

Things in life is busy. Working hard at my new job, it's still going good. I hope my contract gets renewed come December 31. It would be nice way to ring in the new year with a job!

Working the day job, though does take time away from Etsy, but there are many people on Etsy that work the day jobs and continue making lots of sales!

I add some new things to my shop yesterday if you haven't seen them heres a sneak peak at one! Check out to see the rest!

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