Thursday, August 27, 2009

ETSY Shop!

I have been strolling through Etsy, window shopping lately, just looking for cute and different shops! I stumbled long and found this shop, . I fell in love right away, I need to tell you all about it!
There are a few cards in here I am going to pick up and give out over the next few months and maybe even as holiday jokes! The cards would make people smile by just reading the cover! Plus there are many other things in this shop that would follow a family joke, so I know stocking stuffers will be found here.
With great wit and fabulous colours this Etisan definitely has done a great job creating a fun gift. Plus this shop has great photos to showcase the great products. If you have a chance check this shop out!
The shop is Which is also where I got the Smarty Pegs photo.


  1. that is a really cute and quirky fun shop!

    thanks for sharing :)


  2. Oh you are welocme. I stumbled upon it and fell in love! LOL