Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sitting at the office!

So we did the shopping today! and No, that perfect table was not found yet. So while I wait for my parents to finish up quotes and specs for fire trucks , I decided to surf around the forums in Etsy and see what great items I could find. I did not search anything , just looked at avatars and the ones that peaked my interest I clicked on! Except for one.

This monster is from She is fabulous. Not only because she is my best friend and taught me how to crochet but she stuff is just fantastic. If you haven't seen her shop you most defiantly want to mark it for the up coming Christmas events. Her stuff is great for kids off all ages!

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I found this shop and I loved this shirt. It made me think of my Hubby, Mr. Patrick! Who is currently obsessed with the Office! There are some other fabulous shirts and when I can make up my mind on what I am going to get some. They were just so awesome! I found this shirt at

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I found Concord through a Buy 'N replace that I am in and I just love her soap! So soapy and fabulous smelling! Fast shipping and she is great working with! Check out her shop. My favorite is the vanilla sugar but a good one for the man of the house is the Pine one.

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  1. Awww thanks for the Kudoos!! Your Blog looks great, and yes NOW is the time to start checking out etsy for holiday shopping, especially when Can to US shipping takes 3 weeks!!!!!! xoxo shell