Friday, August 28, 2009

Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo Adventure!

Good Morning Everyone! I just want to thank everyone who has followed me so far!

I went on an adventure around town last night. Boy was it exciting! I don't think I have ever been so lost in my life! I was looking for this yarn store that my parents brought me to. It was the best yarn store I have been to in a while.

I was in Yarn heaven. Carefully I selected the yarn I wanted when I was there but it was time for me to head back and pick up some more yarn. My parents are out of town at some Fire Chief conferences, So I am all alone in the city and have had to muddle my way around finding things! I needed new colours and types of yarn and my best friend, (check her shop out) was in need of some too! She knows I am always up for an excuse to the yarn store.

I map quested the directions and put them in to my GPS and got there with out a hitch! But getting home was a whole other story! I figure plug HOME into the GPS would get me there and I was right but I did not want to sit in traffic So I started driving and figured the GPS would change routes! BOY was I wrong. Problem with with this area is that it is under constant constructions. Between all the stimulus road construction and all the new developments I was driving on roads that did not exist in my GPS! But I found a street I recognized and drove until I kinda knew where I was.

Needless to say I got home okay with lots of yarn, 2Much in fact. (Okay I had too) So I have some great projects to get to this weekend.

Keep on Hook'n


  1. I knew I'd love your blog just from the name! A good yarn just makes my day! :)

  2. Those pink slippers I see in your etsy are 2Cute!