Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Fun!

What a great weekend. I was in Kitchener all by myself and had to come up with something to do over the weekend so I would not go stir crazy.

I hopped in the car, ensured there was enough gas in case I got lost and could not find a station, turned on the GPS and was off to find St. Jacob's Market. I spoke about that in a previous post so I won't bore you with my adventure there again. It was fun though just looking and getting out and trying to get back to the car before it started to rain again. I ended up getting lost on my drive home but I did stumble upon a Chapters. I love looking at Chapters and could all day there.

But Sunday I spent the day trying to make a new style of slippers and they turned out great! Thanks to a movie marathon and a great deal of rain, I did not give up until I had it! I will be posting pictures soon to later , so please take a look a little later!

So that's my weekend, how was your?

Keep on Hook'n

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