Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sleeping In

While I have never been one to really sleep in,( I am happy if I get to 730) I was really kind of looking forward to it today but no. The internal alarm went DING DING DING at 615. I am never sure what to do on a Saturday morning at 630. I used to read but I am currently out of books, then I would try a movie but atlas all the movies are in Ottawa. So, I am really at a cross road.

On the cup 1/2 full of things though, at least I can work on my blog, crochet a bit, find some cute patterns and spend some quality time with Orlando, my dads Bird. He defiantly does not like me up this early and this bird has an attitude, that is for sure. He is chirping loudly right now and I sure he will wake up the rest of the house.

The other things about gettting up early is that I have lots of time to get ready and drinks of tea. Well i guess that is it for now.

Keep on Hookn

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