Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve Eve

Well its one day before New years Eve. I was thinking about all the craziness I have done on new years eve over the years.

From underage drinking to partying up with my sweetheart for the last 7 years there are so many things to remember. This has been a crazy decade and never would have thought I would do a decade in review but I am. At least in my head. Not sure I can share all my craziness, you may not want to follow me anymore..LOL..

I am sure we have all done some craziness but I am hoping with the new year just around the corner that I might get a few wishes this year. There are things I have wanted in life that I hope happen this year. With good things happening this year like completing school and getting a great job, I think some of those things will finally happen in 2010 and if those fabulous things happen don't worry I will share them all with you.

happy New Years Eve Eve and keep on Hook'n :)


  1. Most definatly .. i am so excited for this year. I know it will bring some great things:)