Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As soon as I saw her shop name I had to check her shop out on Etsy. I was so surprised to see a very cute shop for KIDS :) I think I have baby on the mind which is one of the many reasons I fell in LOVE with this shop. Her work is beautifully photograph and has great models showing off the shirt, which I believe adds to the cuteness of each item.

This Etsy Shop owner is from Tampa Bay Florida, and has been sewing for over 10 years. Her work is just adored by those who have had the opportunity to buy from her. Check out her great feedback.

Her t-shirt Appliques are just to die for. Especially if you have young kids.
Keep on Hook'n or Sew'n. :)


  1. HOw cute! And stuff for boys too! My guy would love the frog shirt!

  2. Melissa,

    i know finding stuff for boys can be hard on Etsy sometimes. But tis shop is full of boy stuff. its great :)